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1. How is Site24x7 MSP plan different from a normal Site24x7 plan?

Site24x7 is a SaaS based web infrastructure monitoring service from the cloud, which helps monitor the uptime and performance of your entire IT stack from more than 90 locations around the globe including 65+ IPv6 enabled locations. Further, an Agent based Server monitoring can be deployed from the cloud. You can also install our On-Premises Poller to monitor resources behind your firewall.

Site24x7 has a plan based pricing model, which you can use to monitor your entire IT resources. On the other hand, a Site24x7 MSP plan takes leverage of Site24x7's unique features to offer a multi-tenancy hosted monitoring solution from the cloud. Thus, you can manage IT infrastructure of multiple customers–all from a single MSP dashboard. In an MSP Account, you can add additional monitors upto a 20% breach and retain them for an extra five day period. However, you've to purchase these additional monitors within this period to enjoy uninterrupted usage of these additional monitors.

2. How can I signup for a Site24x7 MSP plan?

There are two separate ways to activate your Site24x7 MSP plan.

  • New Customers: A user can directly sign up and create an MSP Account by accessing the link provided here,"".

    Alternatively, you can also sign up using the link "" if you're accessing Site24x7 services from Europe.

  • Site24x7 Evaluation Customer: During your Site24x7 evaluation period, if you feel that an MSP account fits your requirement, then you can always migrate your Site24x7 account to an MSP account. To have this setup, you can follow the steps listed here.
  • Site24x7 Paid Customer: If you're a paid customer with Site24x7, and you wish to migrate to an MSP account (MSP Plan) you shall contact Site24x7 Support to enable the MSP conversion link. Once you've migrated successfully, you can reach out to Site24x7 Support to transfer your existing license to MSP account with the same validity, (which will be processed in an offline PO mode at our end). All future payments have to be made at your end either in an online or an offline mode.

3. What happens when I click the Enable MSP link listed in my Site24x7 evaluation account?

While setting up a user account in your Site24x7 evaluation plan, if you've accessed the "Know more about MSP link", a modal instance opens up asking you to convert your Site24x7 Customer Account into an MSP Account. Once you've enabled this option, you're redirected to an MSP Getting Started Page, where you can customize your MSP account. While the migration takes place, your old account Members with Site24x7 Super Admin or Site24x7 Admin roles will be automatically added to the MSP account as MSP Admin users; users with any other Site24x7 roles will be provided an MSP operator role. You'll be alloted the MSP Admin rights by default. Your old account will also be transferred as a customer account into your MSP account. Meanwhile, the old account's usage will be updated as Alloted License in the MSP account and the plan will be updated as MSP Plan. Once MSP is enabled, the new MSP account will be set as the default account for login.

4. What factors determine my landing page during an MSP account login?

As there are multiple accounts associated with an MSP, usually an MSP account will be set as the default account for login. However, cookie preference in your browser is also considered while logging into your MSP account and it has a higher priority over the default account. 

5. How can I associate an MSP User to access my Customer's account?

An MSP Admin can provide sufficient access to another MSP User to administer a Customer account. You being the MSP Admin must follow the steps below to provide administration access to MSP Users: 

  • Navigate to the Customer tab in MSP portal to create a customer account.
  • Under Customer Account Customization > Associate Admin Users, fill the check box to choose the relevant MSP Users, whom you wish to associate with the MSP Customer Account. 
  • Once associated, an existing MSP Admin user will be provided Site24x7 Super Admin rights and an MSP Operator will be given the Site24x7 Admin rights.

6. How can I add my MSP end customer to a Customer account?

You must first invite and add him/her as a sub-user in the respective Customer account. Follow the steps below to provide sufficient rights to the MSP end customer to access the White-labelled Customer Portal:

  • In the MSP Portal, click the Home tab > Customer Card. You'll be automatically redirected to the respective Customer Account dashboard.
  • Here, access Admin > Add a new user in Users and Alerts. The user will receive an email invitation to be a sub-user in the Customer account.
  • Once the invitation has been accepted, the sub-user can now access the White-labelled Customer Portal remotely.

7. How can my end customers access their white-labelled account and reports remotely?

End-customers can login to their white-labelled monitoring console using the custom URL provided to them (for example: Custom URL can be set up during the customer account creation process. A customer will be logged into the monitoring console with the MSP Customer role. To facilitate URL white-labelling for the Customer portal, a CNAME record must be entered in your DNS zone file to forward the unique custom domain to the Site24x7 URL: . Learn more about CNAME mapping. However, if you access from Europe data center, then you must point to the URL: and if you are accessing from India data center, then you must point to the URL:

8. What happens when an MSP customer account is downgraded or terminated?

When a customer account is downgraded or terminated by the MSP Admin, the customer account's license/SMS allocated will be reverted back to the default MSP account. However, the RUM page views used by a customer will be blocked to the nearest cieling value. Hence, if you wish to allocate RUM page views to other customers, you'd have to allocate it from your remaining quota or purchase new RUM page views.

9. Will you do single billing for all my customers? 

Yes, an MSP plan will have a unified billing for all your customer accounts. Since an MSP account admin has complete control over all the customer accounts, the subscription and billing is also wholly handled by the MSP Admin centrally from a single console. The MSP Admin has to subscribe, upgrade, purchase additional add-ons and alerts for the customer accounts.

10. How many customer accounts can an MSP Admin add to an MSP account?

  • MSP Account Evaluators: MSP Account Evaluators can add upto three customer accounts.
  • MSP Paid Account Users: MSP Paid Users can add upto nine customer accounts to an MSP account. However, if any MSP Admin wishes to add more than nine customer accounts–the MSP shall contact Site24x7 Support.

11. What are the different white-labelling options available with an MSP account?

Site24x7's MSP Plan offers you mainly three kinds of white-labelling options:

12. How can MSP Users and End Customers (Portal Customer) use the Site24x7 REST APIs?

MSP Account: 

Site24x7 REST APIs follow HTTP rules, where a wide range of HTTP clients can be used to interact with the API. Site24x7 MSPs can use APIs to manage MSP accounts. To execute an API request, an authorization request header has to be passed. The header is authenticated using an API authtoken. For an MSP account, standard header parameters have to be used. Read more

MSP Customer Account:

Site24x7 MSPs can use APIs to manage their associated customer accounts. You must pass an additional cookie header parameter “msp_zaaid” to invoke customer account level API requests. Read more

MSP End Customer (Portal Customer) Account:

An end customer can access the MSP White-labelled monitoring control panel using APIs by authenticating using a authorization request header along with unique parameters like "msp_zaaid" or "zaaid" or by setting an additional cookie header "clientportal". Learn more about the Authtoken generation, deletion and usage.

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