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Third-Party Integrations

Integrate Site24x7 alarms to a preferred third party service. The third party settings will be applied across all customer accounts. Currently, we support the following third-party integrations:

To integrate with a third party app, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Site24x7 MSP client.
  2. Go to Admin > Third-Party Integration. Click on Integrate Now beside the app that you wish to integrate.
  3. Provide the mandatory information in the integration form to complete the integration process.

Although the All Monitors option is chosen by default for Integration Level settings, the preferences applied in your customer accounts will be retained. This will not overwrite the customer account-level settings during sync.

While configuring integrations at the MSP Admin level, some configurations unique to the customer accounts like OAuth, Monitor Groups, Tags, etc., will not be available. This is because the above mentioned configurations aren't supported at customer level.

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