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Site24x7 StatusIQ Product Roadmap 2021

2020 has drastically changed the way businesses performed- from homes transforming to office spaces, organizations facing rough patches in growth to adapting to digital transformation. In a remote work scenario, the role of status pages in ensuring effective communication with customers, within the team members, and in remote incident management is crucial.

 The year for StatusIQ was all about a smooth launch, offering support to deal outages with ease, maintaining effective communication with customers, and ensuring the privacy of your pages. This year we're planning to add more features to make your incident communication journey smoother.

 Also, we're glad for all the support you've extended throughout the year and hope 2021 gives you better experiences. Here's a quick update on our plans for 2021.


Status page customization

 We are planning to expand our array of customization features by bringing in :

  • Custom Color Themes:
    This feature can help to modify the colors in status pages, from background color, text, links, or even status colors to align with the brand .

  • Custom HTML/CSS/JS:
    This advanced feature can help admins in customizing their status page with custom HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Status Widget

Status widgets will allow displaying the status of your StatusIQ page  in web apps, sites, or portals. It can help to increase the visibility of a system/platform status and provide an easy way for users to access a page.


Delivery status for Incident notifications

We are planning to provide the delivery status report for both Email and SMS notifications sent out during incidents. It will comprehensively report the reasons for the failed delivery of an email or SMS and help admins to manage their subscribers efficiently.


Enhancing Site24x7 Automation

We are continuing to put our efforts into enhancing status automation via Site24x7. We will try to address the missing pieces like supporting CRITICAL and TROUBLE status and fetching all performance attributes available for different monitor types from Site24x7.


Integrations with third-party apps

We are planning to bring in integrations with ticketing and incident management tools like ManageEngine SDP, Zoho Desk, OpsGenie, PagerDuty etc. to keep customers updated during each phase of an incident.


Overall product experience

Subtle yet significant changes in the look and feel of the product to align it with other Site24x7 products are also underway. Solving some of the usability issues and enhancing the overall StatusIQ client experience are also part of our plan for 2021.


Our roadmap is subject to change based on market trends, but our focus to provide you with the best possible product experience in terms of features based on feedback remains steadfast. Please feel free to add your suggestions as comments below this post.

Read Site24x7 Roadmap for a glimpse of the larger picture.


Team Site24x7 StatusIQ

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Do you know when the Status Widget will be released?



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Good question! We also need the feature of a status widget.

Would be cool if it is available.



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Hello Laurence and Torsten,

We come bearing good news. The following are some of the requests that are live now:

1. Status Widgets - We've designed three different widget types for you to choose from. For more information please refer to the help document.

2. Email delivery status check - The delivery status will now be available for incident notification emails and subscriber confirmation emails.

3. Color customization - Personalize your status page with the colors that reflects your brand.

4. Status automation from Site24x7 - You can now choose the equivalent operational status of the Site24x7 monitors in StatusIQ, post which, status changes will be automatically updated in your status page. Along with this, we've also released the automation features promised for our Q2 roadmap. You can view a detailed account of all the new enhancements  here.

Do try out these features and let us know your feedback.

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