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Introducing new ways to share and customize your status pages with StatusIQ

As promised in the 2021 roadmap, StatusIQ will now have the option to customize colors in public status page, support for status widgets and email delivery confirmation. Read on for more details.

Pin status widgets on your website for around-the-clock status updates 

Users often have to access the status pages maintained by service or product owners to know if all services are available and to get information on active incidents and upcoming maintenance. To simplify access to this information, we're introducing status widgets. These are graphical widgets pinned on your website to display status updates, in three different styles.

Basic and Badge are simple widgets that display the overall status. The sticky widget can be pinned to a location of your choice, and it will hold its position when users scroll down the page. This way, visitors to your site will see a prominent note sharing any information they may need on real-time incidents and ongoing or upcoming maintenance. What's more? You can also customize the sticky widget colors as per your preference. Learn how you can add status widgets for your website.

Receive maintenance updates via iCalendar feed

Users can receive upcoming maintenance updates via the calendar application of their choice using the iCalendar Feed URL.

Similarly, users can receive maintenance and incident updates via multiple other channels including iFrame URL and RSS Feed. Read the detailed information on them here. 

Email delivery status

Once you've imported your subscriber's email IDs, they'll receive a subscriber confirmation email. After confirmation, they'll be able to receive incident notification emails. The delivery status of both, confirmation emails and incident notification emails can be checked. This way, you can ensure that the notifications rightly reach the user's inbox.

Color Customization

Jazz up the look of your status pages with color customizations. Every element, including buttons, background color, text and link colors can be customized to reflect the colors of your brand. You can also create a fully dark theme or a lighter background based on your preference. Read more

Sample Status Pages for Preview

Custom Dark Theme - Zylker Developer Portal Status

Custom Light Theme - Zylker Salon Status

Custom Green Theme - Zylker Agro Products - Platform Status

SMS Credits

So far, 2500 SMS credits were priced at $500. Now, you can get four times the credit (10,000 credits) at just $899!

We hope that these new updates will enhance your experience with StatusIQ. If you have suggestions for new features that could help, share them in the comments below.

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We're glad to release the following enhancements to Site24x7 status automation in StatusIQ


  • Compliance with Site24x7 Notification profiles: StatusIQ previously updated the status of a component on the very first occurrence of a downtime. Now, status of Site24x7 monitors will be updated as per the setting in their Notification Profile. If you've configured to be notified of a monitor's downtime 'After three continuous failures', the corresponding downtime will be updated in StatusIQ only after the monitor's status is down thrice continuously.

  • Compliance with Site24x7 mute alerts: If you've muted alerts for monitors in Site24x7, then StatusIQ will suppress notifications to the corresponding SMS and email subscribers. However, the status of the component will be updated in StatusIQ.

  • Site24x7 status automation: StatusIQ previously updated the change in status of monitors from Down to Up and from Maintenance to Up. Going forward, Trouble and Critical status will also be captured and updated. You can choose to display the components in Critical and Trouble status as operational or as Degraded Performance.  This can be enabled in any status page by navigating to StatusIQ > Settings > Status Automation > Automation via Site24x7 and then choose Site24x7 status equivalent in StatusIQ.

  • In addition to updating the Down, Trouble and Critical status, you can also choose to create separate incidents for every status change as opposed to appending the status change to an existing incident.
  • Notification preference for subscribers: You can now choose the preferred notification medium for your users (Email or SMS) for on-going incidents and maintenance. You can enable this for any status page by navigating to StatusIQ > Settings > Status Automation > Automation via Site24x7.
  • Performance statistics for all monitor types like CPU, memory, response time, etc., will now be displayed on your public status page.

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Very good! 



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This is really good news - thanks.

Especially the compliance with notification profiles makes StatusIQ even stronger!

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We like the status widget possibility!

To implement this widget in our products we ask for a few more features:


1. Sticky Widget

The sticky widget can be closed. But after reload of the page the widget shows up again.

We assume that this could annoying the user. Because closing the widget is equivalent to an acknowledge ("i have seen the event").

And i would expect that the widget will no longer appear (for the current incident!) in the current browser session. 

This could maybe solved via a cookie or local storage in the browser.


 2. Basic Widget

The basic widget (and the badge widget) is always present. 

We like to have the feature to control the behavior to "always show" or "show only if an event is present". Like the sticky widget. It will only shows up when an event is present.

This helps to ensure the design of the companies website.


3. Customization 

Finally a customization for the basic widget would be very helpful. Currently it shows a color circle and a text.

We want to integrate it i.e. in the "title bar" for our products but with the option do not display the long text ("major service outage").

It would be nice if we can only display an icon (circle or better a warning triangle) and with the combination to control the behavior for "only show if an event is present" (without any text, only an icon)).

This helps also to ensure the design of the companies website.


Thanks and Regards,



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Hi Torsten,

We are happy that you liked our status widgets feature. Also, we will definitely check the feasibility of the enhancements you asked for status widgets and implement the same in our future updates.


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Thanks a lot! That would be very helpful to us if it is available soon.



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