StatusIQ: A roundup of our journey in 2021

In between online meetings and chat conversations, we've all embraced the digital way of life and work, and it is here to stay. We may not know any other way to operate businesses in a few years' time except the digital space. This way of life will require clear communication channels for businesses to connect with their users. Keeping that in mind, as well as your feedback in our community, we've shaped StatusIQ to help ease the incident communication process.

Here's a quick recap of the significant StatusIQ releases we brought you in 2021.


Color customization ensures that your status page is in line with every other asset of your brand. With a unified color theme, your status page effortlessly reflects your brand and the theme of your preference.

Status sharing

We've made it easier for your customers to find the status of your services through status widgets. These graphical widgets can be embedded on your website, help desk portal, or any other customer-facing webpage to provide information on service status or upcoming maintenance. Additionally, we also introduced the iCal feed URL, which users can subscribe to in order to receive maintenance notifications in a calendar application of their choice.

Status automation

Any change in the Site24x7 monitor status will automatically be reflected in the status equivalent of the corresponding component in StatusIQ. Also, status changes will be automated as per the threshold settings configured for the monitor in Site24x7. If alerts are muted for a monitor in Site24x7, StatusIQ will also suppress the notifications.

AI-powered editor for postmortems

While incident progress is updated periodically in the status page, it is essential to provide a detailed account of the root cause analysis when an issue is resolved. Writing a postmortem is made intuitive with the Blue Pencil integration for spell check, grammar, and punctuation suggestions. Powered by Zoho's in-house AI engine Zia, you can document an error-free, professional RCA report.

Email delivery status

Admins can check the delivery status of invitation emails and subscriber confirmation emails in the StatusIQ web client, and confirmation can be resent whenever necessary.

A sneak peek at 2022

We hear our community and actively pick ideas from the entire gamut of suggestions given to us. Based on that feedback, we'll soon release HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and font customization for StatusIQ so you can put your own spin on your status pages. We're also bringing in a status display of third-party components such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. No doubt, the coming year holds an exciting set of releases, and we're eager to know how well you receive them.

Please head over to our community and participate in the product roadmap discussions, and we promise to keep you up-to-date on all things StatusIQ.

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