Celebrating IT's champions: our sysadmins

Site24x7 Celebrates World SysAdmin Day 2022

Sysadmins, short for system administrators, serve as a crucial subset of IT engineers and support staff and are often under-appreciated. Sysadmins are the lynchpins that provide continuity, performance, and security to the systems that connect every corner of the world.

When COVID-19 scattered large workforces in offices across small home office networks, organizations relied on their sysadmins more than ever before to maintain work processes. And in today's hybrid IT world, complexities continue to rise as multiple devices, new working paradigms, and greater uncertainties have become the new norm, increasing the workload on sysadmins.

Every day is a busy day for sysadmins. Anxious employees call up for quick tech fixes like how to handle an over-heated laptop or fix a camera that's acting up, how to get onto the Wi-Fi network, how to reach a remote printer, or how to reset their passwords. Besides working to ensure the continuity of systems and services on a daily basis, sysadmins are also tasked with communicating policies, logging events, and remaining vigilant throughout the day to maintain a proactive approach. Not easy, we know!

When incidents occur (and they always eventually do), sysadmins are also at the forefront, firefighting with whatever information they can get and douse the fire in any given situation. Be it a widespread outage of an app, an attack on a service, a network being cut off, or an entire system going off-grid, sysadmins are usually the first to respond.

To celebrate and thank your IT warriors, we invite you to visit our special #SysAdminDay2022 page. We have also created exciting posters, thoughtfully penned messages, and our very own six-letter word guessing game, Techdle. All words revolve around sysadmins and come with quirky one-liner hints to guess them right. After winning, don't forget to share your winning combinations on social media. We have also lined up fun games and contests on our Twitter handle. Multiple winners stand to win $50 gift cards over the next week.

Happy SysAdmin Day 2022 on Friday, Jul. 29, from all of us here in Site24x7 at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation. You rock IT!

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