Thank you, sysadmins, as always!

Happy World Sysadmin Day 2023

Sysadmins are often the last resort when your office system crashes or when the network slows to a trickle. Every July, on the last Friday, professionals worldwide express their gratitude and celebrate our IT heroes, our sysadmins.

On July 28, 2023, we thank sysadmins for what they do best: monitoring our IT systems and ensuring they are constantly up, fast, and secure. When incidents occur, sysadmins take stock of the situation, analyze the root cause, and work to restore parts or the whole of the IT infrastructure. Be it an outage of an app, a DDoS attack on websites, a network glitch, or even when entire systems go off-grid, sysadmins rise to the occasion.

Proactive and reactive by default and always on their toes, every day is busy for our intrepid sysadmins. Sysadmins learn continuously to update their professional skills and ensure they're always capable. Keeping sysadmins sharp is key to IT. It's an industry that experiences seismic changes so often that constant learning is a central trait of a sysadmin. It's not easy, we know!

To celebrate sysadmins who are with us and among us, ManageEngine Site24x7 has created a special page this year for SysAdminDay2023. Visit the site, and play our challenging tech-word game, Techdle, to deduce a key IT term. And test your wits with our Quiz to demonstrate your knowledge of other industry terms. Stand a chance to win a $50 gift card. Choose from various special greetings we've created for you to share with your sysadmin personally. 

Gratitude is essential and is often left out of the professional world. Genuine expressions of thankfulness and celebration ensure teammates feel supported and appreciated.

Today, on #SysAdminDay2023, ManageEngine Site24x7 thanks and wishes all sysadmins of the world the best ever!

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