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Thanks for being awesome!

You did it, and it is beyond obvious that you are a tech wiz. Since we cannot do it now, please pat yourself on your back.

What next?
Share this on twitter tagging us (@Site24x7) with the hashtag '#SysAdminDay' to stand a chance to win a $50 gift voucher.

You can also share Techdle with your peers and everyone else, and encourage them to play.

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Oops! There's always a next time!

Winning is a process, and not a destination. Though you didn't make it this time, we believe that you had fun playing Techdle, and encourage you to play again, now!

And, don't forget to be awesome!

Are you sure you want to start a new game?

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How to play

  • Start by entering any six-letter word and submit by pressing 'Enter'.
  • Green tiles mean the letter you entered is in the word and in the right position.
  • Orange tiles mean that while the letter you entered is present in the word, it is in the wrong position.
  • You only have six attempts to zero in on the right Techdle word!
  • If you feel stuck, please click the Hint option to help you progress.
  • Winning word grids that are posted on Twitter tagging us (@Site24x7) with the hashtag #SysAdminDay stands a chance to win a $50 gift card.
  • Upto five (5) winners of the Techdle game will be shortlisted from twitter based on the maximum number of puzzles solved in minimum number of attempts.
  • The more you play, the luckier you get, so please keep playing the game and sharing your winning word grids on Twitter throughout the day.
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