APM Insight: 2021 in Review

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2021 was the year of hybrid work. An interesting year full of hope and thoughtfulness, 2021 saw increased office-based collaborations complementing our diverse remote workforce. Through this, we sought to look within to sort our processes and deliver what it takes to ensure the best monitoring experience for our customers worldwide. Here is a quick recap of the APM features we rolled out last year and a brief note on our plans for 2022.

Our numbers for 2021 were stellar

Our numbers continue trending upward. In 2021, Site24x7 captured over 10 trillion application performance metrics and over two billion traces overall.

Major updates for APM

2021 brought a flurry of new features to APM Insight. On the APM Details page, the new Outages tab now enables data filters for selected time periods, and the Events Timeline widget offers instant insights.

APM Insight Outages Tab

You can now add business-critical transactions as Key Transactions, set specific thresholds, configure alerts, and track performance reports. You can also view messaging queues as separate components in service maps and correlate how they impact overall application performance. The Site24x7 mobile app now supports APM Insight, enabling you to view APM metrics on the go. No more bottlenecks, thanks to improved visibility through outage integration.

More features on your dashboard

Users can now compare APM milestones and receive Warning and Fatal Count Graphs straight from the dashboard.

 APM Insight Milestone Compare

Also, APM Key Transactions are now available for all subscribers. For convenience, users can now edit the names of Key Transaction monitors and automate transaction grouping to background transactions. Thanks to a directory search feature, map files are now automatically detected and added for monitoring.

In 2021, Site24x7 enabled key transactional changes and custom configuration fixes to our agents, and it now supports tracking custom exceptions without the need to modify code. HTTP parameters and query statements can now be captured. A recent update has also simplified the monitor adding process through one-line installer scripts.

Other important updates

Users can now integrate server monitors to get a complete picture of an application's performance combined with corresponding connected server performance metrics. Users can also view server metrics for server-integrated applications and JVM metrics for Java applications within the Traces tab itself. Monitoring support has now been extended to Cassandra and also to messaging queues like RabbitMQ, Kafka, and ActiveMQ.

A checksum verification helps validate the integrity of download agents. Users can now back up and restore agent configurations through the command line and the health monitor tool. A quick snapshot feature has been added to help investigate problems and resolve them more quickly. Application filters in APM Insight now help users exclude unwanted applications and achieve more efficiency per license.

Moving forward

Apart from the above updates, we have also continued to expand our support for more frameworks and application platforms. You can view all of these details under the What's New? section and also in our release notes. We encourage you to participate in our community and interact with us and gain early access to upcoming features by writing to support@site24x7.com.

Upwards and onwards

In 2022, we look forward to an exciting year full of enriching observability through new product functionalities on our roadmap. This year, DevOps teams can expect to see richer and contextual root cause analyses on a single dashboard. Alerts to help customers take proactive actions during anomalies, overall improvements in user experience, and the infusion of AI to deepen your actionable insights are all in the cards.

We are also working to adapt our services to match the fast-paced move towards adopting serverless computing and open telemetry in the software industry. In all, you can look forward to features and functionalities that will help you achieve an even better application monitoring experience than before. Please follow our What's New? page to read about the latest features and improvements. Read our 2022 product roadmap, follow us on the Site24x7 Community, and share your feedback and requirements with us.

From all of us at Site24x7 and Zoho, we wish you a happy, safe, and prosperous 2022!

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