How did Site24x7 monitor your infrastructure in 2021?

Infrastructure monitoring recap 2021

2021 was not much different from 2020 concerning the pandemic. However, it did give many the opportunity to focus on the way forward with offices around the globe opening up, at least partially. At Site24x7, we also started to focus on monitoring other IT components along with remote work infrastructure. Grab a look at our infrastructure monitoring releases if you missed our announcements and “what's new” updates.

Major GA releases

We released the GA versions of some essential features that you beta-tested in 2020. They are:

Security—our top priority

At Site24x7, we strive to test and patch our agents regularly and ensure there are zero loopholes for security breaches. The Site24x7 Server Monitoring agents for Windows and Linux went through many security fixes and enhancements in 2021. Further, we've introduced the hashing and masking log data feature to give you the flexibility to hide sensitive data while sending your logs to Site24x7 AppLogs.

New releases based on customer requests

As always, your experience is our strength. We have added a huge list of products tailor-made to customer needs.

Feathers to our cap: Some important milestones

  • Our plugin integrations crossed the 100+ milestone, with over 30 new plugins added this year. These include ActiveMQ, Apache Solr, Jenkins, JVM, MongoDB Atlas, NFS, Redis Sentinel, Squid, systemd, and Certificate and File Monitoring.
  • Site24x7 AppLogs added support for over 25 new log types. This includes MySQL slow query logs; AWS Lambda execution logs; Auth0 and OneLogin logs; CDN and DNS logs; PHP framework logs; and incident management platform logs. You can also push your logs using open source log collectors like Fluentd and Logstash.

Major enhancements to improve usability

Server monitoring reports like inventory reports and top N reports went through significant enhancements to help you obtain the maximum possible insights from them.

The road ahead

All this may not have been possible without your constant support and feedback. The release of Network Configuration Manager and more features like Meraki monitoring via REST API as well as Prometheus monitoring is lined up for 2022. Please go through our product roadmap for detailed updates. Follow our Community and the What's New page for the latest updates.

From all of us at Site24x7 and Zoho, we wish you a happy, safe, and productive 2022!

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