15 years of unwavering customer trust: the Site24x7 story

Site24x7 turns fifteen

Site24x7 has turned fifteen, and it's time to celebrate! In this blog, we'll talk about our origins, our growth, and how we became the IT observability platform of choice for thousands of DevOps and IT professionals worldwide. 

Our origin story 

The Site24x7 story began in the mid-2000s, when cloud technology emerged to eclipse the on-premises, monolith, hard-to-scale IT infrastructure found across sectors. After seeing customers face the limitations of viewing website availability from data centers, we built Site24x7 to transcend the problem by shifting the vantage point of monitoring resources to the end user's point of view. This helped us achieve our goal of ensuring the best digital experience for our customers and their end users—an achievement that we are proud to have maintained through the course of our 15-year journey.
Drawing synergy from ManageEngine, Zoho Corporation's business IT division, Site24x7 grew steadily to cover all geographies and sectors. We extended observability to cover the entire gamut of the rapidly changing IT infrastructure landscape. Today, Site24x7 is an AI-powered, comprehensive IT monitoring solution with a keen eye on privacy and security

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Site24x7 grows up 

The 2010s saw an increasingly complex IT sprawl, with accelerated release cycles, newer architectures, containerization, virtual machines, hyper-connected app ecosystems, and many other innovations. Driving these changes across the industry was the adoption of the DevOps culture, which demanded continuous improvement and faster turnarounds in IT operations.
And at the center of IT was the need for comprehensive observability to monitor the modern IT stack to ensure the highest uptime, performance, and security for end users. Site24x7 answered the demand, growing from strength to strength to become the IT monitoring platform of choice for companies big and small, and always at a great price point. The platform now supports over 600 technologies and monitors over 2 million resources (servers, websites, applications, etc.) for 13,000+ global paying customers. 
Behind our growth story is our unwavering customer focus. To address the emerging global demands, Site24x7 expanded to run data centers in the US, Europe, China, Japan, India, and Australia with redundancies for guaranteed data security and privacy. With an exhaustive list of monitoring modules, we now cover digital experience, application performance, IT infrastructure, centralized log management, hosted status pages, and more.
At Site24x7, we engage deeply with our customers through support calls and chats, attending trade shows, and conducting seminars and webinars on industry topics. We collect feedback at every interaction to enhance the product at every juncture. "We are delighted with the company, support, development, and engineering. Feature requests turn into products within a few months," said a director of infrastructure and support operations in a global digital company.  
Our customers rate Site24x7 highly for its ease of use, simplified user management, robust privacy and compliance, extensibility to suit their existing tools and practices, and overall flexibility of choice.  

Countless possibilities 

Site24x7 can be used in various use cases to suit your IT organization's specific and unique needs. Monitor your servers whether they're hosted on the cloud or on-premises, and use our agent-based monitoring to provision, scale, and automate your IT operations to ensure production issues are being taken care of even when you're off the clock. Our extensive support for plugins helps you customize your monitoring workflows to suit your unique needs. Write your own plugins to monitor cloud backups to provide redundancy and other relevant features.
In digital experience, you can monitor the web client performance of specific customers using Site24x7's real user monitoring (RUM). And, when customer complaints or performance issues arise, your developers and quality teams can track and troubleshoot specific customer performance issues in the production stage itself. 

Making the most of IT 

Site24x7 has in-built AIOps features to help you gain actionable insights, perform automated remediation, and forecast critical events. This has been proven to reduce downtime and recovery time, meet service agreements, and turbocharge your IT operations by doing more with less, without any stress. In 2021-2022, over 49 million automated actions freed time and saved money for thousands of our customers.
Site24x7 can also become your own data OEM to land your observability data in metrics, traces, and logs. Be it method-level performance monitoring when using Java, Python, .NET Core, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, or PHP platforms, your developers can monitor it all with the Site24x7 platform and get alerts in the modes they prefer

You can even use Site24x7 to process, transform, and transfer data into your own product grid. Site24x7 delivers all of these features with a minimum integration cost of development and minimal coding. Driving further innovations, our product roadmap is meticulously built based on studying customer feedback and industry voices. 

An amazing journey 

Looking back, the team that could once share a small conference room table in 2007 is now a global team of over 250 professionals backed by Site24x7's stable, long-term tech leadership.

"We are pioneers, and also, perhaps one of the [IT monitoring] industry's best-kept secrets."
Gibu Mathew
Vice president and general manager, Zoho Corporation

"From the days of cloud migration to today's dynamic IT world, we have constantly moved the needle forward to offer unmatched value."
Srinivasa Raghavan Santhanam
Director, Site24x7

"Our customers love us and stick with us, for the numbers are telling: the average life span of a customer with Site24x7 is more than 90 months, and the annual churn rate is less than 1%."
Rex Antony Peter
Head of sales, Site24x7

"We never say never, and constantly work to expand to add more features so that anything can be monitored with Site24x7."
Jasper Paul
Product manager, Site24x7

"Most of our long-time users are, today, our product ambassadors. They change companies but take Site24x7 to their new workplaces."
Muraleedharan Sadasivam
Head of support, Site24x7 

Here's to the future! 

As we take a moment to reflect on and celebrate the milestone of 15 years in business, we feel immensely grateful. We thank our customers, channel partners, staff, and everyone else along the journey who participated in making Site24x7 what it is today. We now move forward with increased vigor and motivation. We invite you to visit our special page that shares more of what we have achieved in our 15 amazing years: www.site24x7.com/15/ 

Thank you! 

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