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Monitor Group status by percentage

When adding monitor groups, there is a field named Monitor count threshold to decide the monitor group's status that you can base the group status on down monitors but that depends on a static count of monitors in the group. It would be nice to make that allow percentage as well.

The benefit of this is because sometimes monitor groups can grow and the set number of monitors to mark the group as down may change and it requires a manual update to happen. Percentages will always use the total number of monitors in the group and calculate the amount of down monitors needed to match the % and determine if the group is down or not.

For example, lets say you start with a group of 5 monitors and you set this to 3 to mark the group as down. Next quarter you add 6 more monitors to make it 11 monitors total. You now need to go back into that group and adjust the down mark from 3 to lets say 7. If we use percentage instead we could say 75% and it would just calculate the number for you.

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Dear Ramirez,

We have released the Capacity Planning beta feature, which provides the analytical data for a group of monitors, and is used to determine the capacity required to optimize your resources for a particular operation or workload.

For instance, if you have a monitor group with 10 servers, you can group all of the servers into one capacity planning and monitor them. Consider a scenario where Server1 and Server2 are in TROUBLE status, Server3 is in CRITICAL status, Server4 and Server 5 are in DOWN status.
In this case, there are only 5 server monitors that are in Available state and the remaining 5 Server monitors are in TROUBLE/CRITICAL/DOWN status, which brings the overall availability to 50%, with 20% monitors in TROUBLE, 10% in CRITICAL and 20% in DOWN status.

We support availability status metrics on both count and percentage basis and also support alerts.
A Root Cause Analysis (RCA) will be generated for every alert and you can view the detailed Outage history of those Servers and analyze the cause in the RCA. Additionally, you can also view the required capacity planning metrics.



-The Site24x7 team!

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That is great but for my use case, I don't need a full capacity planning option, just a way to tell a monitor group that a certain amount of things are down instead of having to update hard counts manually.

For context, we only use Site24x7 for web service monitoring.

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Hi Ramirez,

Thanks for raising your request. 

We have come up with health checks for monitor groups to support flexible options that are based on count , percentage as well as downtimes. 


Kindly check the above link to get more details on what are the features you get out of the box along with this and feel free to provide your feedbacks. 

Ananthkumar K S
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That's great! 

Kind regards,


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