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Monitor the health and availability of your Monitor Groups


Site24x7 has extended its monitoring to support Health Check for Monitor Groups and Subgroups. The Health Check feature in Site24x7 evaluates the health and availability of the Monitor Group or Subgroup. 

How does it work?

Monitor Groups and Subgroups help you seamlessly organize your monitored resources and simplify administration. When you group multiple resources such as servers, databases, and services to run one business application, monitoring each resource separately and compiling their availability data is challenging. This is where the Health Check feature comes into play. It helps you view, analyze, and manage the status of your monitor group along with its availability.

Health Check is automatically enabled when you create a Monitor Group or Subgroup.  As a result, you can instantly view the overall health and status of your Monitor Group and get notified of individual resource outages.

Whenever a resource undergoes a status change, you receive a detailed RCA and can analyze the impact at Monitor Group level. Furthermore, the resource status change is instantly propagated to the Monitor Group and gives you a combined alert at Monitor Group level resulting in alert noise reduction.

Benefits of Health Check

You can leverage these benefits by configuring Health Check for your Monitor Groups or Subgroups:
  • View and track the status and outages of individual monitors in Monitor Groups.
  • Gain insights on resources that frequently experience status changes and analyze any issue.
  • Configure thresholds and receive alerts whenever a resource, or a set of resources, has status changes.
  • Easily identify the resource in Trouble, Down, or Critical status, and rectify the issue with the help of a detailed RCA.
  • Track the availability of your resources and analyze the resource health.
  • Customize the status of the Monitor Group or Subgroup, based on the health check threshold profile.
Start optimizing your resources using Site24x7's Health Check feature, and leave your feedback below in the comments.

The Site24x7 team

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A big Thank you for this long-awaited feature! It helps a lot!

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