Three reasons why your business needs infrastructure monitoring

IT infrastructure monitoring

A business's website or application might appear polished on the surface, but if the underlying infrastructure is struggling, the user experience also suffers. Users can only benefit from applications and services if the critical back-end infrastructure is functional. Here's where infrastructure monitoring comes in—it acts as a watchful eye in your IT environment, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Why is infrastructure monitoring important?  

When several technologies are involved in building a company's IT stack, the complexity of the architecture is inevitable. Infrastructure monitoring is an important factor for companies to avoid user churn, revenue loss, and reputational damage. Monitoring your infrastructure is crucial to ensure reliable, secure, and efficient IT operations. 
Here are three key reasons why implementing infrastructure monitoring tools, such as ManageEngine's Site24x7, can help your business thrive.

Maximize your ROI by understanding the big picture of IT optimization needs

Infrastructure monitoring isn't just about preventing disasters; it's also about maximizing efficiency. Given the several layers in your IT infrastructure comprising networks, databases, servers, applications, and more, monitoring and ensuring the availability of your IT infrastructure is imperative. It's important for your team to get the full context of a request or transaction, tracing it from the initial request to the final step to resolve any issues quickly and get the most out of your investment.
Imagine the cultural silos arising in teams due to the use of different monitoring tools. For example, the development and operations teams might agree on performance issues, but their approach to drilling down to the root cause and deciding how to fix it might differ based on their respective tools. This scenario deters and prolongs the mean time to resolve an issue, which can be easily evaded if there is a singular monitoring tool to deal with all aspects of the infrastructure. 

Azure infrastructure dashboard
With the help of Site24x7, you can now visualize infrastructure data alongside data from other parts of your stack, like application performance metrics and log files. This centralizes information and fosters collaboration. Site24x7 helps you visualize your entire IT setup in a single pane, consolidating metrics, logs, and traces to make your environment more observable and your understanding of any bottlenecks easier. 

Prevent server meltdowns and troubleshoot crashes effectively

Servers often rely on each other. A seemingly minor issue in one server, like a process running slowly, can overload another server on which it depends. Similarly, a minor memory leak, disk error, or ignored log warning can create a domino effect and quickly bring multiple servers down, causing a widespread outage and, in turn, affecting the applications running on them. 

Monitoring all your on-premises servers, hybrid cloud deployments, and multi-cloud environments is crucial to identify potential issues before they snowball into major outages. A clear picture of the server's health and uptime ensures its seamless connectivity with other servers and network layers. Uninterrupted communication within this ecosystem is vital for smooth application delivery and a positive user experience. 

Site24x7 constantly tracks the health of your back-end systems, including servers, clouds, containers, databases, and networks that your application or website is built on. For example, a monitoring tool might detect a server experiencing high latency, which could be a sign of an impending outage. However, Site24x7 offers more than 80 performance metrics for servers that can catch a hiccup early. You can investigate the cause, correlate incidents better, automate remediation, and prevent a complete system crash that would leave users frustrated and unable to access your services. You can also strategically redirect traffic to underutilized servers and ensure smooth operations without bottlenecks.

Infrastructure custom dashboard

Furthermore, Site24x7's IT automation capabilities empower you to go beyond just observing issues. You can configure actions to trigger auto-remediation, such as restarting a stalled service or scaling resources, allowing you to resolve a problem without manual intervention. This not only streamlines operations but also minimizes downtime and ensures faster issue resolution. A comprehensive monitoring solution like Site24x7 not only gives you insight into the source of a problem but also finds the root cause and prioritizes a fix.

Planning for the future: Forecast utilization needs and back-end requirements

Looking ahead is crucial for any business. Not knowing the resource demands can cause an organization to exceed its current capacity, resulting in bottlenecks, where overworked systems slow down or even crash, impacting customer service, productivity, and revenue. Understanding your capacity needs allows you to proactively scale your infrastructure by adding servers or upgrading existing ones before an incident occurs. Predicting your utilization needs and planning capacity helps ensure your servers are neither overloaded nor underutilized. Overloaded servers lead to slow performance and frustrated users, while underutilized ones are a waste of resources. Infrastructure monitoring allows you to find a balance by analyzing historical data on resource consumption. 

Let's say your website experienced a surge in traffic during a recent marketing campaign, and certain servers were pushed to their limits. With Site24x7's Zia-powered capacity planning, you can analyze historical data and predict future resource needs for similar events. This foresight allows you to plan your resource utilization way ahead of time. Get insights on the usage patterns of your resources through historical observations and manage the adequate distribution of resources to avoid over- or under-provisioning. A seamless user experience helps you maintain system uptime during critical periods and minimize revenue loss. Prevent downtime and improve the user experience by making data-driven decisions to expedite resource allocation and ensure the availability of your services around the clock.

Capacity planning analysis

Stay ahead of the curve with Site24x7's infrastructure monitoring

The success of any business depends on a seamless user experience. Infrastructure monitoring is the foundation for achieving this. By consciously choosing a proactive approach, you can identify potential issues before they escalate and put an end to fire-fighting problems in your infrastructure.

Site24x7 provides unified visibility into your setup, helping you visualize disparate components across any on-premises, hybrid, or cloud environment. With granular data collection and support for more than 150 integrations, you can ensure complete coverage for your environment, including servers, networks, virtual machines, containers, databases, orchestration, cloud services, and applications. 
Now, you can monitor your entire IT infrastructure in depth with AI-driven anomaly detection, IT automation capabilities, comprehensive dashboards, detailed post-incident analysis reports, numerous third-party integrations, and enhanced security features without paying a fortune. Try Site24x7 now.   

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