5 reasons why Site24x7's plugin integrations can supercharge your infrastructure visibility

Delivering seamless digital experiences is a top priority for every business today. However, the IT infrastructures that fuel these experiences are getting increasingly complex. The rapid adoption of technologies like containerization, microservices, and cloud and serverless computing, along with traditional infrastructure, is creating increasingly hybrid and distributed IT ecosystems, making it a challenge for organizations to manage them effectively.
At any given moment, tens, and sometimes hundreds, of applications and services run on these distributed systems to power an organization. Some are popular apps, but many are tailored to optimize specific systems and processes in an organization. And maintaining uninterrupted and optimal service for them is of the utmost importance. Failure to monitor any component that matters can lead to blind spots, resulting in performance issues, or worse, downtime. 

So what do you do when there's so much to monitor but the number of monitoring products you use is as distributed as your IT ecosystem, leading to increased costs and operational inefficiencies?

Enter Site24x7's plugin integrations 

Site24x7's plugin integrations are modular power tools that enable you to expand your visibility across your applications and services, including custom ones, all in one place. 

Here's how it works 

Plugin integrations are scripts that leverage Site24x7's server monitoring agent to collect metrics emitted from any application or service. These scripts can be written in Python or Shell for Linux servers, and in PowerShell, batch, VB, or DLL for Windows servers. You can develop the script with logic that retrieves data from the service or application of your choice. Ensure that the output of the script is in a standard JSON format.

Once you have created the script, you can add it to a designated folder within the Site24x7 plugins directory. The server monitoring agent will then read the data from the script and transmit it to Site24x7. It's that simple. With this solution, you have access to all the required metrics in one location, allowing you to manage them effectively within Site24x7.

Here are five reasons why you should try Site24x7's plugin integrations and supercharge your infrastructure visibility:

1. Get visibility into popular apps and services with 100+ integrations.

We've built a library of over 100 ready-to-install integrations to get you started with monitoring immediately. These include popular applications from different elements of your tech stack, like web servers, databases, messaging queues, caches, and more. Correlate performance metrics from connected applications to anticipate issues and troubleshoot faster. See the list of our 100+ integrations, including apps like Apache, NGINX, MongoDB, Kafka, and HAPoxy. 

2. Resolve blind spots with custom monitoring.

With thousands of metrics emitted every minute from your ecosystem of various apps and services, it is critical to ensure you don't miss out on the ones that matter the most. Every solution has integrations for popular apps, but what about the custom apps and services tailored to your organization? 
Using our custom plugins, you can monitor any metric from your custom apps and see performance data in Site24x7. Write your own script using Python or Shell for Linux servers and PowerShell, Batch, VB, or DLL for Windows, and monitor data any way you want. It could be to view metrics of custom apps in .NET, Java, or other open source software that out-of-the-box solutions don't support, business-critical KPIs from databases you need to track, or the status of your scheduled automated processes. With custom plugins, the possibilities are endless.

3. Set up in minutes, not hours.

Getting started with monitoring your entire tech stack can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Site24x7's plugin integrations are easy to install, so you can start monitoring in minutes, not hours. 

If you're installing one of our ready-to-install plugins, simply download the necessary files from our GitHub repository, add the configuration details specific to your app instance, and add the files to our server monitoring plugin directory. It's that simple. And for those who want to create their own custom plugins, the sample code for each language is readily available, making the process easy and quick.

4. View everything through a single pane of glass.

As systems and apps become more distributed, the need to deliver high-performing applications remains. It is more important than ever to have a bird's-eye view of the elements that matter most. With Site24x7's custom dashboards, assemble metrics from every tier of your infrastructure in one place so you never miss out on discrepancies affecting the performance of your IT. Servers and applications depend on each other for uninterrupted functioning. With our custom dashboards, you can correlate data from each of them to proactively convert spikes and drops into actionable insights and deliver the optimal experiences your users deserve.

Our plugins also integrate with AppLogs, our log management solution, so you can get granular insights into the performance of your applications by combining metrics and logs to pinpoint and troubleshoot issues faster.

5. Stay on top of your app stackā€”all the time. 

To provide uninterrupted experiences to users, it is crucial to stay ahead of issues rather than reacting to them. Site24x7's threshold-based alerting feature helps you be aware of any anomalies and better anticipate issues before they start affecting end users. With our self-remediation feature that uses IT automation, you can set up auto-heal workflows if there are threshold breaches, saving time and avoiding escalations. 

Get started with Site24x7's plugin integrations

If you're not already using Site24x7, sign up here to start monitoring your custom apps and services, or choose from our 100+ ready-to-install plugin integrations for popular apps.

Read our documentation to learn how plugin integrations work, build your own plugins, set up thresholds, and receive alerts to stay on top of your tech stack.  

Can't find an integration? Request one on our Community platform.

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