Cloud | Europe

Key Findings

Cloud computing deployment models #

About 40% of the respondents believe a single cloud deployment strategy is the right way to go for a new application.

Preferred deployment strategy for a new application - EU

Public cloud providers #

As far as the cloud providers used by organizations, Microsoft Azure takes the top spot with a majority response of 73%.

Public cloud providers used - EU

Cloud migration priorities #

59% of the respondents reported ease of management as the top factor in cloud migration, closely followed by scalability (55%).

Top priorities in cloud shift - EU

Tech stacks #

A wide range of choices among the technologies. With public cloud topping the list, followed by containers.

Technology stacks used to build applications - EU

PaaS services #

58% of respondents report that they use database-related PaaS services, followed by storage (53%) and CDN-related services (44%)

Type of PaaS services used - EU

Cloud computing challenges #

Optimizing costs and ensuring security are both (49%) the primary challenges in public cloud computing.

Cloud challenges faced - EU

Cloud cost management #

64% of respondents reported they set budgets and controls to lower costs, followed by right sizing (54%)

How organizations are optimizing costs? - EU