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Veeam Monitoring

It would be very useful if we could use the Site 24X7 dashboard to monitor our various Veeam Backup and replication environments, with an advanced application monitor

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Re: Veeam Monitoring

It would be very useful for "external" components / resources like "Veeam Cloud Connect" from a customer view

  • Availability
  • Free space / Used space*
  • Login and information retrieval time (API performance)*

*with the provided customer login from a customer view.


 What you can do at the moment

  • Monitor the port 6180 (TCP) with the provided DNS name of your provider. But this is just saying if the providers gateway servers are available, not the service.
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Re: Re: Veeam Monitoring


We don't have an exclusive monitoring for Veeam Cloud, so we will add it in the feature road map.

As a workaround, we have another option which would help you monitor the Veeam cloud using our Custom Plugin.

Please look into the below help documents on how to create a Custom Plugin.

Writing Custom Plugin from Linux Server

Writing Custom Plugin from Windows Server

Hope this helps!




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