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Tip #15: Enhance the end-user experience by integrating RUM into Public Status Pages

With a Site24x7 Public Status Page, you can share the real-time status of your applications and services to your customers. You can make these Status Pages publicly visible with permalinks or iFrames, eliminating the need for users to log in to your application to view this information. You can also notify your customers beforehand with announcements, like in the case of scheduled maintenance. 

Additionally, you can integrate real user monitoring (RUM) into your public status pages-which is just icing on the cake. Users can visualize the performance of your services across various locations with RUM geographic maps. This integration is straightforward; just make sure the applications that you want to display in your status page have RUM enabled. Once your application monitors have RUM enabled, you can visit your status pages and visualize the RUM geographic maps. 

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