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Status Page for monitor Groups

Hi i need a status page that show the monitor groups status....it makes no sense to show to my customers that webserver1 is ok, webserver2 is ok, webserver3 is ok.... what makes sense is: "webservers" ok.....


And it would be good to be able to group resoucers, something like, the database and the webserver for a given product are ok, so THE PRODUCT is ok.



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Re: Re: Status Page for monitor Groups

Hi guys,

  I can understand that this is a late update.. To give you a heads up we are enhancing the status pages experience as a whole and these cases are taken into consideration already. We'll let you know when we have something to show you. Stay tuned.


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Re: Re: Re: Status Page for monitor Groups

Hi Jasper,

It is great to hear that this is being looked at, it is something we also very much need as our naming conventions for individual services/servers are not very customer friendly so can only really use status pages internally at the moment.

Is there any chance you could give a very rough idea on time frame for status page improvements? 2018 Q1/Q2 ish or possibly later? 

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Re: Status Page for monitor Groups

We have the same issue and have commented to support with no timeline either.