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Display by the group name


I'd like in public statuspage to have an option to display server/service:
For example, It's currently displayed like this:
Webhost 1 -> Status
Webhost 2 -> Status
Cloudserver 1 -> Status
Cloudserver 2 -> Status
DNS 1 -> Status
DNS 2 -> Status

My suggestion is to have an option that can also display by the group name.

Webhosts -> Status
Cloudservers -> Status
DNS servers -> Status

In the links below you have an example of what I'm suggesting:
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Re: Display by the group name


Thanks for the suggestion.

This is already in our Roadmap. Will be taken up along with other Status Page feature enhancements.

Do you use this page for end customers or for internal NOC teams views ?


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Re: Re: Display by the group name

Hi Raghavan,
I use for end customers.
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Re: Re: Re: Display by the group name

we have the same requirement. We have lots of services. Each service has different components. So we want to group the components.

for example

-service 1 - partially down

----component 1 - up

----component 2 - down

-service 2 - down

----component 1 - down

----component 2 - down

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Display by the group name


We support this in our new enhanced Status Page product Signals. Please check the screenshot below. 

Along with this, we support many other features in Signals, few of which are listed below 

* Subscription - Can subscribe to status page updates via email. 
* Component group support. 
* Customizable logo, footer, back ground color, text color etc. per status page.
* Can automate component status update via email and Site24x7. 
* Can view status page data in browser time zone and also has option to change timezone and much more...

Please try out and offer your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Check out Signals demo here.

Help doc link : https://www.site24x7.com/help/signals/

- Laxmikanth

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