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Hi All,

do you have a roadmap for the next upcoming feature releases this year? Would be nice if customers could see your strategy for the next months.


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I agree. And I'd even go one step further, and allow a voting option like Atlassian has so we can upvote items on the roadmap.

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Thank you for asking p.pfeffer and Tom. 

For the benefit of all our customers, here is what we will try to do.

To start with, we will make a summary post of the main capabilities that you can expect here. Some of it may have detailed follow on posts with screenshots so that we can clarify the behavior of the feature before it is released. You too could create a new post and ask details. We will try our best to clarify.

For some of the features, like our custom dashboards, we may have an early access to the feature provided to interested customers. I say "some of the features" because there are some limitations in allowing live access to beta features as any design changes we decide on at a later stage, before releasing it, could make releasing that feature messy for us.

That said, we are not going to over commit on the frequency of these posts. I hope to make around four posts in a year. It could be higher if we have something concrete to reveal. We will also stick to talking about significant enhancements as our customer success dev team does hundreds of minor enhancements throughout the year anyways and that is covered in details in our What's New in Site24x7 section.

Predicting timelines for releasing features is another thing that probably needs a crystal ball :-) Hence please excuse us if we are not forthcoming on the actual date of release.

Thank you for being our customer! And hold on for my next post.


Gibu Mathew

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Thanks a lot for picking this up, Gibu. It's greatly appreciated!

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