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Roadmap Update Q3/Q4 2017

We have some powerful features lined up for the product for the coming quarter. Many of these are in advanced stages of development.

Server Monitoring Product: IT Automation:
This is the favorite one for our server monitoring developers. They have been on it for more than a few months. The Admin > Actions is getting a makeover, and we will be releasing what we call as our step towards helping automate your routine production tasks when there is a performance or uptime problem.

Administrators like to setup corrective actions proactively so that production issues are not affecting applications. Likewise, their playbook includes steps that an Operator can use to bring things back to normal. With IT Automation, we hope this to be possible.

The trigger for an IT Automation to get triggered is a Site24x7 Alert for a downtime or a threshold violation. The corrective action could be to execute a script on a server to correct the problem or stop a service or start a service, create an AWS instance, etc. This feature is in the advanced stages of release.

Server Monitoring Product: 1 Minute Poll Frequency for Server Monitoring at no additional cost.
Server monitoring with 1-minute raw data is something that involved some heavy-lifting for us. We are all set to get five times more data from our agents once we release this feature. For you, this will give more granularity into server performance for easy troubleshooting. That said, we already have server heartbeat that is used for uptime checks hitting us every minute.

Later this year we will also show server/process CPU and memory metrics in real time from a server with a live chart widget. These would update every few seconds.

Log Management: Site24x7 AppLogs will bring the ability to search and view logs
If you have difficulty in tracing transactions and relevant logs across servers for troubleshooting a performance or downtime problem, here is a log management solution that is made just for you. The Log Management capability would upload logs from your server using our server agent into Site24x7 Logs cloud. It is then indexed and then made available in our console for viewing and search.

Log Monitoring and Management could be our biggest feature for this year. Hence no prizes for guessing why this section's title has a larger font than the rest. It brings out a capability that is being refined internally for years and is known to scale for massive volume of data.

Website Monitoring: 100+ unique global locations
We would be increasing our monitoring to reach closer to 100 unique global locations. Many vendors in the industry talk about 100 servers. However here we are talking about different cities that we would support for website monitoring.

Site24x7 Platform: Custom Dashboards
Custom Dashboards is probably one of the most sought after features, and you can see this actively discussed. I include this here as this too is in an advanced stage of release.

Site24x7 Platform: Tags to provide flexibility in organizing monitors
We have seen tags or label's in email services like Google's Gmail to organize email. While GMail does not have a folder concept, Zoho Mail has both. Tags and folders for email organization. Doing both gives some level of flexibility that is unique. Currently, Site24x7 has a Monitor Group concept that is a bit rigid. Monitor Groups are like folders in your email Inbox. We are now working on Tags to help manage Monitors better. Tags would allow you to organize and manage your monitors creatively.


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Gibu Mathew

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