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Associate alert groups to monitoring groups

There is an interesting discussion that is happening in this post related to associating alert groups to monitor groups from Ash which makes sense. Upvote this feature by liking it and following this. We would like to know other opinions from the community. 

Here is Ash's initial request

I would like to have a mechanism to associate  alert groups to monitoring groups. Currently there is no way to associate any alert group to a monitoring group. In doing so, it would help to easily manage to route alerts to the target support group(s) for the set of monitors that group is interested in.

I know I can do some work around by using configuration rules, but that does not always produce desirable result.




Thanks Jasper.

I am not against configuration rule, in fact its one of my favourite tools within Site24x7.

As you know configuration rule when grows in numbers, becomes complicated to maintain, where as if you allow monitoring group to link to alert group, its will be one to one relationship. Much easier to work with.

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 A Guest gives his take on the request and how he deals with it

Where are you sending alerts?   We use PagerDuty as our endpoint for alerts and use tags for routing alerts to. different PD integrations. We set tags on the Monitoring group so all monitors that get added to it get's the tag, then in the integration we choose which monitors get routed using the tags option.

 Ash's reply to the guest

I don't like the idea of introducing another product to solve a simple requirement and potentially we have to deal with the challenges of that product in future.

My request is simple -  allow raising alerts against a monitoring group. I don't see why this cannot be accommodated within site24x7 and I have to adopt to another product for this.




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You do not, if you add tags to your monitor groups, all the monitors will have those tags assigned and you can route your alerts using those tags. I only used PagerDuty and Slack as examples of how we use it.

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A better way to do this would be to be able to assign the Alert Groups to Monitor Groups directly.

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