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RabbitMQ single queue message totals

Is it possible to set alerts for when singular queues exceed set message thresholds? So far I only see the option to set alert options for the total amount of messages in all queues.

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Re: RabbitMQ single queue message totals

Hi Nathan,

PFA the plugin script to get details of a specific queue in a Virtual Host (vhost). You can configure the queue and vhost name along with the RabbitMQ host details in the plugin. The following metrics will be monitored:

  • consumers
  • messages
  • messages.ready
  • messages.persistent
  • messages.unack
  • messages.rate
  • messages.ready.rate
  • messages.unack.rate
  • deliver.rate
  • ack.rate
  • publish.rate

Once the plugin monitor is added, set thresholds for singular queues and be alerted when they exceed. Read our documentation to set up a threshold profile for a plugin monitor.

Hope this helps. Let us know for queries, if any, in the below thread.




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Re: Re: RabbitMQ single queue message totals

Is this plugin useful for monitoring multiple queues instead of just 1? Like if I have 2 queues i want to monitor, would I be able to do that here? 

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Re: Re: Re: RabbitMQ single queue message totals

Hi John,

We have enabled the support to monitor individual rabbitmq queue from a single plugin. Now you can configure your individual queue configurations in rabbitmq_per_queue.cfg file as multiple sections and the server agent will create a plugin for each of your configuration. Also please update the existing rabbitmq_per_queue.py


Let us know if this helps to solve your use case.




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