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Monitor OAuth 2 secured Websites, API end points, and SOAP Web Services

Hello folks,

Over the past few months, it's been our constant endeavor to make continuous improvements to our monitoring suite. We've introduced lot many enhancements over this period which you can learn about by referring our What's New page. Now we're making further strides in this direction by launching our capability to monitor OAuth 2 secured websites, APIs and SOAP web services.

What's OAuth 2.0?

OAuth 2 is a delegation protocol used by a wide variety of client applications for user authentication on the web, desktop, and mobile clients. It provides a 'secure delegated access' over HTTP to server resources like Google, Facebook, GitHub, etc. on behalf of a resource owner.

Monitoring OAuth 2 enabled Websites/APIs/Web Services

With this new enhancement, you can configure many OAuth 2 profiles in Site24x7 and securely generate the unique access tokens offered by these application providers. The access tokens authorize Site24x7 to monitor your Websites/APIs/web services. While configuring monitoring forms for URLs, REST API, and SOAP workflows, you can pick these preset OAuth 2 applications for authentication needs.

Setting up OAuth 2 profiles

We'd advise you to refer our user guide to learn more aspects of the OAuth 2 set-up.

Client Certificate Authentication

Additionally, we've also extended our support for monitoring web sites, APIs, and web services requiring client certificates for authentication (client certificate has to be a PKCS#12 file.) The client certificate can be uploaded to Site24x7 during the monitor setup process.

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