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Effective Usage of Site24x7 REST APIs

Site24x7 REST APIs can be used for all your monitoring and reporting needs. You can check your API usage/day in the Site24x7 web client. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Admin > Developer > API > API Calls Usage per Day. This number is collective of the API calls made by all users in an account and is exclusive of the API calls made from the Site24x7 web client and mobile app.

The number of API calls that can be made in a day:

The number of allowed API calls/day is calculated based on the total monitor count in your account. You can make 200 API calls/day for every basic and advanced monitor; 40 API calls/day for every network interface in your license. Learn more.

Note: Beyond the mentioned limit, API calls cannot be made until the end of the day. This is effective from 30th June, 2019.

Best Practices for an Optimal Usage of the APIs:

To ensure an optimal usage of the APIs based on the above mentioned limit, we list some of the best practices that you can follow:

  • Fetch data based on your configured polling frequency. For example, if you want to fetch the log reports for a monitor with a polling frequency of 5 minutes, use /reports/log_reports/(\d+) at an interval of 5 minutes only to view any changes.
  • If you wish to get the status of more than a single monitor, use /current_status to fetch data for your entire account, /current_status/group/(\d+) for a monitor group, or /current_status/type/(\S+) for a monitor type, instead of /current_status/(\d+) for a single monitor.
  • Call the API /monitors (for an entire account) or /monitors/(\d+) (for a single monitor) only when you have made any configuration changes to your monitors. In case there are no changes made, it is recommended to cache the data at your end. 
  • For the availability/performance reports, use  /reports/availability_summary/group/(\d+) or /reports/performance/group/(\d+) to fetch the reports for an entire monitor group, instead of making an API call for every monitor /reports/availability_summary/(\d+) or /reports/performance/(\d+).
    Also, you can use light weight basic availability APIs for a simpler and faster data fetching, and a leaner reporting experience.
  • For fetching the performance reports of monitor groups, it is recommended to call the API on a hourly basis, as the data archiving is done only once in 60 minutes.

Additional Update:

To provide a more secured access to your resources, we are migrating to OAuth 2.0 protocol for authorizing the Site24x7 REST APIs. Migrate to OAuth 2.0 now!

If you have any questions, you can comment in the below thread or get in touch with us at support@site24x7.com. Happy Monitoring!

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