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Migrating to OAuth 2.0 for Authenticating the Site24x7 REST APIs

Site24x7 offers a comprehensive set of documented REST APIs for your monitoring and reporting needs. To provide a more secured access to your resources, we are migrating to OAuth 2.0 protocol from authtokens for authorizing the APIs.

Why move to OAuth 2.0?

  • Access restrictions can be placed. You can decide the kind of access third party apps/scripts require for its functioning.
  • APIs can be segregated based on scopes. You can select the scopes based on your usage/requirement, and not all the APIs need to be exposed.
  • Provides a delegated access token that has an expiry time (one hour), unlike authtokens that have permanent validity.

Getting Started with OAuth 2.0:

The OAuth token can be created in 3 steps:

  • Registering your Client Application
  • Generating the Grant Token
  • Generating the Access and Refresh Tokens using the Grant Token

When making an API call, the OAuth token is passed in the Authorization header as Zoho-oauthtoken {access_token}, similar to the authtoken (Zoho-authtoken {auth_token}).

Refer our API documentation to get started!

Deprecation of Authtokens:

Creation of new authtokens will be deprecated by 31st August, 2019 and the existing ones will be deprecated by 30th November, 2019. Please update your existing code/script and migrate to OAuth 2.0 within the mentioned period.


Happy Monitoring!

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