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[Important] Configure DNS to host Status Pages under custom domain

With Site24x7's status pages, you already have a powerful tool in-hand that lets you build customizable public status pages for your online business. Since we wanted to ensure end-to-end security of your hosted custom status pages, we've now made it mandatory to establish ownership over your root domain. From now on, to build a status page under your custom domain, you've to mandatorily update and verify the CNAME and TXT records in your DNS zone file.

CNAME mapping of your custom domain

By doing a CNAME mapping in the DNS zone file, you can effectively route traffic to your status page via your custom domain. We require you to create a CNAME record in the DNS zone file where your custom domain points to Site24x7's domain site24x7host.com.


status.zylker.com     CNAME     site24x7host.com

Configuring TXT records in your DNS

Site24x7 provides a unique domain verification key for users to confirm domain ownership. You must copy this unique key and update it in the DNS TXT records. Once added, you must manually validate the record from Site24x7 web client to confirm your domain's ownership. You can read our user documentation to learn how to add a TXT record in your DNS zone file.

So what happens to existing Status Pages?

All existing users who've been hosting their custom Status Pages without any DNS CNAME and TXT configurations will be able to access their status pages without any hindrance.

You can read our user documentation to learn more about these changes and also check with your DNS provider for instructions on how to add these records. Please contact us at support@site24x7.com for any assistance.

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