Revamped Site24x7 Status Page - Boosting business transparency

With Site24x7 Status Page, our motto has always been to communicate downtime in an open and transparent way. However, we also understand the ever increasing importance of a Status Page in fostering a stronger relationship with customers. Thus, we've imbibed our learnings from the past and applied it to redesign our Status Page to give it an all new look and feel. To top it all, we've introduced some cool new enhancements too.


Let's discuss a scenario to help you understand about the various feature highlights in our revamped Status Page.

Bad day at work!

Ben is a technical staff at Zylker CRM, which has suffered an unexpected outage due to a sudden DDoS attack on its infrastructure. In no time–Ben realizes that thousands of users would be left in the dark, if he wouldn't take a prompt action. Fortunately for Zylker CRM’s customers, they are in safe hands. Ben and the team have ensured that their customers get something more than just a great CRM product! A powerful Status Page offered natively by Site24x7 helped improve the whole customer experience.

Stay calm and stay focused! 

Zylker CRM uses Site24x7 for its monitoring needs and hosts a Site24x7 Status Page on its website to notify users in real-time for any service degradations or issues. The Status Page helps Zylker CRM to stay focused on resolving issues at hand by drastically reducing redundant noises to the help desk.

What's so great about an off-site status page?

Since, Site24x7 Status Pages are hosted from the cloud—when the Zylker CRM service goes down due to the DDoS attack, Ben and the team are still able to maintain the same communication chain intact with their customers. More often than not, it’s not the entire application that goes down. Instead, a small percentage of the application (like a payment gateway) alone tends to spell trouble. Hence, users will have no idea about the issue, until something goes haywire. Site24x7’s off-site status pages, offset this problem by simply providing the real-time status and performance of Zylker CRMs services’ from outside their data center.

Easy Setup

Zylker CRM has always strived to impart an additional layer of transparency and accountability towards their customers by sharing real-time status of their services round-the-clock. To achieve this objective, Ben and the team set up a Site24x7 Status Page within their Site24x7 account with all the configured monitors listed in it. An iFrame snippet code is then generated and embedded in the website, resulting in a status dashboard, which displays real-time status of all the services within their product and website.

Simplified Navigation

The Status Page has a clean design, which ensures easy navigation within the status page. All critical information viz., current status of services, scheduled maintenances and performance history of services are also well documented in this new layout.

Pinning Announcements 

Site24x7 Status Page has made announcements possible with the new upgrade. This feature helps Ben and team to easily communicate critical service related information about the DDoS attack to all their customers in a single go. The announcements section in the Status Page facilitates sharing of important service related information round-the-clock. The announcements could also set to stay pinned on top of the status page for a specific time period.

Rebranding the Status Page to meet Zylker CRM’s needs

During any DDoS attack, there is absolutely no scope for any ambiguity while sharing messages and branding on the Status Page. Hence, it is imperative for Ben and team to share information under their own brand name. Luckily, Site24x7 Status Page ensures easy branding of logo, URL, and footer notes. This helps Zylker CRM protect and share their brand identity and facilitate easy accessibility.

“I was a little peeved at the service outage, until I found their Status Page.”

Meanwhile, one of Zylker CRMs customers–Tim, was really aggrieved at this situation, as he was unable to access his Zylker CRM account all day. Rather than tinkering with the account, he checks Zylker CRM’s Status Page and instantly finds the problem all by himself. Though, initially he gets a bit disappointed with the outage; the clarity in communication from Zyler CRM team actually bowls him over. The ability to drill down into the incident history grouped by date, view scheduled maintenance information and obtain detailed insight into the individual monitor’s availability and performance made a great difference to the overall experience too.


On 4th Nov 2015, Zoho was subject to a DDoS criminal attack on its network, resulting in intermittent service disruption. However, the services were soon back on track, after the issues were fixed. During the entire exercise, though–Zoho ensured that all its customers were kept in the loop. A steady and reliable flow of information was made possible with the help of an online status page powered by Site24x7, which helped users gather real-time availability status of all Zoho services. The maturity and transparency with which the customers were updated during the entire event, eventually helped Zoho garner a good repute and build a stronger bond with its large customer base.

So what's holding you back from fostering a stronger relationship with your customer base? Sign up for a free Site24x7 account and start sharing your services' status to build a good rapport with your customers.

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