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Changing the look and feel of the status pages


At the moment I can change the logo of all status page if I go to customize report. But there are also these two options: ?Title Background color? and ?Title Foreground color? which sadly only apply for reports but not for the status page. Can we also have the option to set those colors for the status page?

An extra area to configure status pages in general could be very helpful.
So similar to the "customize report" section a "customize status pages" would be an idea.

Maybe you can combine it with some options for:



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Re: Changing the look and feel of the status pages


Now we support Custom logo, footer, backgroundSignals color, text color etc. per status page in our new enhanced Status Page product Signals and we support Component Groups too as you have asked for. Please check the screenshot below. 

Along with this, we support many other features in Signals, few of which are listed below 

* Subscription - Can subscribe to status page updates via email. 
* Can automate component status update via email and Site24x7. 
* Can view status page data in browser time zone and also has option to change timezone and much more...

Please try out and offer your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Check out Signals demo here.

Help doc link : https://www.site24x7.com/help/signals/

- Laxmikanth

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