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AZURE Cloud Service Monitoring

 Microsoft Azure Cloud Service monitoring.

We have a substantial Azure presence an would like to utilize Site 24x7 if they can support it.

Is this a possibility? Can we make this a feature request?


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Re: AZURE Cloud Service Monitoring

Hi Edmund,

Thanks for dropping in a Azure Cloud Service Monitoring feature request. We have plans of implementing this monitoring feature in our near future.

Alternatively, if you would like to monitor metrics like CPU, memory and disk usage and server availability you can use Site24x7 Server Monitoring. Otherwise if you would like to monitor the performances of .Net/Java applications running  on these Azure servers you can use our APM Insight monitoring.

Once we support Azure, we will enable out-of-the-box discovery for all the applications and instances.

Please let us know the instances / applications / metrics you would like to monitor. This will help us assist you better.


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Re: AZURE Cloud Service Monitoring

Hi, what do you mean by "a near future" ? It's been 1 year.

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Re: Re: AZURE Cloud Service Monitoring

Hi Edmund,

   We have started with Azure monitoring. We are extremly sorry for the delay in taking it up. 

I have updated what we are planning to do in this forum post.

Regarding Cloud services monitoring, this is a classic resource and APIs for them are being faced out. We are currently concentrating on ARM resources.

Are there any plans you are moving away from Cloud Service model to ARM model? 





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Re: AZURE Cloud Service Monitoring


We are glad to announce the support to monitor over 100 Azure products in near real-time. Please read our announcement post to get started.

Read this recent launch in our press release, and follow #Site24x7AIOps on our Twitter wall for live updates.

Happy Monitoring!

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