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Introducing Site24x7 Health Integration Rollout for Azure Deployment Manager (ADM)

We are glad to announce Site24x7 as a Health Monitoring Provider for ADM, to perform health checks and monitor the health of your services; and ensure 100 percent availability during deployments.

Why Perform a Health Check?
ADM performs staged rollouts of Azure resources, where they are deployed region wise in an orderly manner. By starting a health check with Site24x7, you can monitor these rollouts, detect, and automatically stop any problematic rollouts. This can help prevent faulty updates from spreading to multiple regions or data centers. 


  • Single step integration to start your health check.
  • Instant alerts on any service health issues during deployments.
  • Prevent faulty updates from spreading to multiple regions or data centers.
  • If issues are detected, Azure will automatically stop the deployment, allowing you to troubleshoot and reduce the scale of the impact.

Start your health check now and ensure reliable deployments and high availability of your services.  Learn more on how ADM works.

Happy Monitoring!

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