Improved Guidance Report: New checks, customizable baselines, and scheduled email reports


As you may already know, our Guidance Report not only inspects your AWS account using best practice recommendation checks, but it also finds avenues to improve performance, reliability, and savings so you can deploy resources with confidence. Today, I'm excited to announce that we've introduced some enhancements to make the Guidance Report even more helpful. So let's get straight to it.

New checks

We've added eight new recommendation checks (33 in total if you're keeping count) covering various aspects like security, fault tolerance and identity access management (IAM). You can use these to identify publicly accessible resources (S3 buckets and RDS instances), track access keys that are no longer used, uncover security groups and IAM entities with unrestricted access, find invalid Auto Scaling launch configurations, and more.

EC2 Launch Configuration check

EC2 Security Group check

Customizable baselines

When the Guidance Report was released last year, many AWS customers sent in great suggestions on ways to enhance it. One of those was the ability to choose checks and configure custom baselines. With our Advanced Configurations, now you can. For example, the underutilized EC2 instance check searches and identifies instances using less than two percent of their allocated compute units. You can now change this criteria to five percent, ten percent, or any other value to create much more powerful checks that suit the behavior of your application.


Email reports

The Guidance Report now plays a major role in our scheduled reporting functionality. You can sign in to Site24x7, head to the Report Settings tab, and configure daily, weekly, or monthly schedules for emailing reports to the contacts associated with your subscription account to keep them in the loop.


Try it now

The new checks and associated features are available immediately to all Site24x7 subscription holders. We are also working hard to bring in support for additional checks to help improve the overall profile of your AWS account , so any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated. To learn more, you can visit our help documentation.

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Check out our new recommendations added for EC2, S3, Database Migration Service, Elasticsearch Service, GuardDuty, RDS, and more.

Further, we now show the Current Instance Type and recommend the desired instance type (Suggested Instance Type) that you can downgrade to (for better cost cutting) for underutilized EC2 instances and idle RDS DB instances.

Let us know for any queries/comments in the below thread.




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Hi all,

We've added 30 suggestions to the Guidance Report, and we now provide 185 best practice recommendations for your AWS services. We've added recommendations for Amazon DocumentDB, and there are updates to the number of recommendations for other services like Kinesis, Neptune, Lambda, Elasticache, Elastisearch, and IAM.

Additionally, we've also introduced Instance Type recommendations, which provide suggestions on which Instance Type is the right fit to replace your current Instance Type.  

Check them out and drop your questions in the comments if you have any.


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Hi all,

You can now obtain compliance checks from the AWS Guidance Report. Site24x7 conducts regular compliance checks for your cloud infrastructure against global certifications and standards like PCI DSS, the GDPR, NIST, APRA, MAS, HIPAA, and CIS.

You can also receive recommendations on complying with these standards.

Explore the feature and provide your feedback and requirements as comments below.


- The Site24x7 team!

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