Auto associate device templates in network discovery

Devices vary, so do their monitoring parameters. For instance, a Cisco 1600 series router will require its availability and bandwidth utilization to be monitored, while a distribution switch might have its own monitoring requirements. Hence, the process of configuring these monitoring parameters needs to be repeated every time a device is added.

Simplifying this is the Device Templates feature of Site24x7's Network Monitoring . Device templates contain a pre-defined set of monitoring parameters, based on which a device is categorized and relevant monitors are associated soon after discovery. A device template gives the device, a description of it to be recognized by the network. It is always better to define device templates before the initiation of discovery to help in proper classification.

Exclusive templates are available for each device type. Over 10000 default templates are available including Adtran Atlas 830, Cisco 1700 series, Fortigate 500, Huawei Quidway 1603, DELL Force10 S25N, to name a few.

Auto-associate SNMP device templates on discovery

With the correct SNMP credentials being configured, Site24x7 associates appropriate templates to the network devices. Based on your requirement, you can either edit the existing default templates or create new ones.

Customizable default templates

Site24x7 gives a flexible hand to all the network admins when it comes to custom templates. You can define a template for every variant of a device type instead of creating one template that can encompass all the variants.

In case, you have to monitor a new Cisco 2505 router and Site24x7 already has a default template for Cisco 2500 series router with few sysOIDs of these series updated in it. All you need to do is just edit to include the sysOID of Cisco 2505 router and begin your discovery. Simple, isn't it?

Furthermore, if your new device has no existing default template, you can create a custom template by configuring the necessary specifics.

An exclusive device template view

Site24x7 has made it all easier and better to view the device templates. You can find the device templates in the left pane of the main network window in the Site24x7 web client.

We provide you over 10000 templates. Why wait? Use them all by signing up with Site24x7!

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