Cloud Log Management

Collect, consolidate, index, search, and troubleshoot your servers' logs quickly using an intuitive, unified web client.

Cloud Log Management

Application log management and log centralization for DevOps.

Maintain and improve your application's performance by analyzing with a centralized solution that is easy-to-use, and helps in quickly identifying and correcting issues effectively. With built-in fast search, centralized logging, and support for custom application like IIS, Cassandra, Apache, and more, we help you track and fix a wide array of problems, including:

  • External database call failure
  • UI unresponsiveness
  • File upload failure
  • Dynamic user input verification

Track and troubleshoot application performance with Site24x7 APM and look at your custom application logs.

Easy troubleshooting for infrastructure administrators and application teams.

System administrators have to access logs every day, whether they're investigating server anomalies and performance slowdowns, or mitigating hacking attempts and server crashes. Quickly track all forms of syslog and access log issues like exceptions, timeouts, and delays with the fast search feature. Consolidate all this information in one place to get contextual correlation between your logs and server data ultimately leading to immediate, actionable insights.

You can also set up checks to monitor your logs, files, and directories in your server.

Consolidate logs from multiple servers.

With the ability to auto-discover log formats for more than twenty application-related logs, logs are indexed quicky from across servers. A single, intuitive web interface helps the operations team get contextual correlation along with your server data for quick actionable results.

Log Collection

AppLog Alerts.

We've made managing massive volumes of log data simpler with threshold based alerting via email, SMS and voice call. Be it a recurring error code, response time spike or application failure, we'll notify it instantly so you can take preventive and recovery actions.

Consolidate Logs Across Servers

Indexing for faster search.

All incoming raw log entries are systematically sorted, documented, and named to make them easily identifiable and are showcased as a table. The default pattern of your records are noted and grouped into specific log types, aiding in faster search and retrieval. You can associate them with a server or a set of servers to narrow or broaden your search field.

Field Split of Apache webserver logs
Field Split of Cassandra Log
Field Split of IIS Logs

Derive quick actionable insights.

Filter, search, and analyze any incoming log data with our simple and intuitive web client that provides both a numeric and text-based search. Use greater than (>) and lesser than (<) queries in the case of a numeric search, and substring queries for a text-based search. You can search up to five days worth of logs in one go, and search for logs that are up to 30 days old.

Logs search

Out of the box support for common applications.

All your typical application logs (e.g. IIS, Cassandra, Apache, NGINX, etc.) and logging frameworks (e.g. Log4j, Log4Net, and NLog) are automatically recognized. You can also define your own log pattern that can be saved as a custom format. Logs falling under any default or custom format will be automatically retrieved during auto-discovery.

Agile troubleshooting with visual aids.

Troubleshoot faster than ever with visual aids, such as graphs, helping you pinpoint the number of times a particular log has been indexed and keyword-based searches.

Logs Troubleshooting

How does it work?

  • Our log monitoring solution comes bundled with Site24x7's Server Monitoring agent. Once you've installed the agent, it collects your logs and pushes them to our storage server.
  • The agent searches through your server and detects the native log patterns of more than 20 different applications, in addition to log patterns that you define.
  • Entries will start appearing within five minutes after you've installed the agent, and you can begin searching using keywords from our web client.
  • You can also configure to receive alerts through e-mail, SMS, voice call, and instant messenger to be notified of issues.
  • If you're already using Site24x7 APM, you can choose to monitor your application and search with our intuitive UI to gain quick, actionable insights, all from a single web client.
  • Track your server performance and relevant logs at the same time because of seamless integration with Site24x7 Server Monitoring.
  • Get insight on subscription-level events, operational data, and determine the status of all operations occurred in your Azure resources with Site24x7 Azure Monitoring.

Upload up to 1 GB logs in a month based on your plan with Site24x7 AppLogs. Every additional 10 GB of logs are priced at $10/month. Refer to our pricing to learn more.