Revisiting 2020, the year of the new normal

Compared to other years, 2020 has been a lot different in every single aspect; from how we all interacted to how we operated, everything changed. It was the year where the adjective "unprecedented" was overused.

As the world embraced remote work policies, the only thing that remained unchanged was the fact that we operated uninterrupted and our customer support kept churning out replies to customers’ questions. It was business as usual for us. When tough times strike, it's important that we’re there for one another, and Zoho proved a true friend for its loyal customers by launching Remotely, the remote work toolkit—a suite of communication, productivity, and collaboration software that was offered free of cost.

As we’re nearing the end of the year, we thought we’d leave you with a quick recap of all that kept us busy through the year. Site24x7 rolled out a slew of new monitoring capabilities and enhancements in 2020. With teams suddenly working from home, it became all the more important for organizations to monitor collaboration services, especially those hosted on-premises. Keeping this in mind, we added new plugins to help you monitor user activity across services like Slack, Jira Software, Bitbucket, Confluence, GitHub, GitLab, and Confluent.

We also launched StatusIQ to help you manage incidents, especially when your team is remote. With Site24x7 StatusIQ, our new hosted status page platform, you can proactively keep your customers in the loop, ensure internal stakeholders are on the same page, and deflect redundant support tickets. Additionally, we released monitoring solutions around making Zoom meetings more productive, StatsD metrics monitoring, UDP monitoring, and VoIP monitoring, as well as many new monitoring tools for AWS. Altogether, we added to our overall monitoring portfolio considerably.

On the integration side of things, we were also busy with the release of many new capabilities, like integrations with ServiceNow, AWS EventBridge, and Zoho Analytics to name a few.

We want to thank all our customers for their trust and support. Every year we make a resolution to delight our customers, and that’s still our number one priority. As we look forward to welcoming 2021 (read our product roadmap here), we’ll leave you with some interesting highlights and other product updates recapping 2020.

2020 - Year in review.

We want to thank all our customers for their trust and support. Cheers to new beginnings and new monitoring experiences!

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