HP Network Device Monitoring

Cloud-based network performance monitoring for all your HP devices.
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Monitor your HP Devices from the Cloud

Automatically discover the HP devices and monitor your whole network with detailed stats on the status, availability, and performance of every HP printer, switch and wireless access point. Simply connect to your devices' SNMP MIBs to get started. Track the traffic of any SNMP device at the interface level and monitor all the key performance metrics for effective HP network performance monitoring.

With over 1,000 default device templates, HP performance monitoring has never been more comprehensive. Stay on top of outages with instant alerts on your mobile device for complete HP network management.

 HP Network Monitoring tool

Metrics for HP network devices.

Bandwidth Metrics
Performance Counter Description
Drop events statistics Monitor the statistics of drop events.
Total number of collisions Monitor the interfaces to find total number of collisions.

Memory Metrics
Performance Counter Description
Disk utilization Monitors the disk I/O utilization.
Free disk space in GB Monitors the free disk space in GB using SNMP.
Free disk space in MB Monitors the free disk space in MB using SNMP.
Jabber packets Monitor the jabber packets.
Memory utilization Monitors the device memory utilization.
Memory utilization (UCD SNMP MIB) Monitors the memory utilization based on UCD SNMP MIB.
Number of fragments Monitor the number of fragments.
Oversized packets Monitor the oversized packets.
Packets received Monitors the interfaces packets received.
Packets to BC address Monitors the packets to BC address.
Packets to MC address Monitors the packets to MC address.
Undersized packets Monitor the undersize packets.
Used disk space in GB Monitors the used disk space in GB using SNMP.
Used disk space in MB Monitors the used disk space in MB using SNMP.

CPU Metrics
Performance Counter Description
CPU utilization Monitors the CPU Utilization based on HOSTRESOURCE MIB.
CPU utilization (UCD SNMP MIB) Monitors the CPU Utilization based on UCD SNMP MIB.
Partition details of the device (%) Monitors the usage in each partition of the device.
Process count Monitors the number of processes running in a machine.

Other Metrics
Performance Counter Description
Associated mobile user (s) Monitor (s) associated mobile user (s) for HP devices.
Average marker life count Number of pages printed per minute.
Pages printed Number of pages printed.
Total number of octets Monitor the interface statistics in octet.

Out-of-the-box support for HP devices.

In addition to supporting the following HP Devices, you can monitor 'n' number of them by creating custom device templates.

  • HP-Printer
  • HP-Hub
  • HP-Bridge
  • HP Wireless Access Point
  • HP Routing Switch 9315
  • HP Routing Switch 9304M
  • HP Routing Switch 9308M
  • HP Routing Switch 6308m-SX
  • HP ProCurve Switch 5304XL
  • HP ProCurve Switch 8000M
  • HP ProCurve Switch 1600M
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2650
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2626-PWR
  • HP ProCurve Switch 3400cl-24G
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2400m
  • HP ProCurve Switch 4000m
  • HP ProCurve Switch 212M
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2824
  • HP ProCurve Switch 224M
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2424m
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2626
  • HP ProCurve Switch 3324XL
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2524
  • HP ProCurve Switch 4108GL
  • HP ProCurve Switch 5404yl
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2848
  • HP ProCurve Switch 5308XL
  • HP ProCurve Switch 3400cl-48G
  • HP ProCurve Switch MF 6400cl-6XG
  • HP ProCurve Switch CX4 6400cl-6XG
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2650-PWR
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2650-CR
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2626-CR
  • HP ProCurve Switch 4104GL
  • HP ProCurve Switch 6208M
  • HP ProCurve Switch 6108
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2512
  • HP ProCurve Switch 3124
  • HP Switch J8693A
  • HP Switch J8697A
  • HP Switch J8698A
  • HP Switch J9049A

We do all this and more.

  • Auto-discover any SNMP device by connecting to its MIB
  • Choose from over 1,000 default templates or customize based on your need/requirement
  • Automatically monitor key metrics at the interface level
  • Add over 100 performance counters of your choice
  • Get prompt alerts about downtime
  • View graphs of key performance stats
  • Generate predefined and customizable reports.

Get more than just performance data.


Scales to monitor thousands of network devices.

Network Discovery

Add multiple devices in one go using an IP range.

Alerts and Reports

Get timely downtime alerts and graphical reports.

High Availability

Ensure high availability by optimizing bandwidth allocation.
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