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"x is trouble" alert in Mobile App (Typo/Wording)

I'm not sure if this has been reported, but for over a year now I've noticed that for alerts that I receive by email that say "x is in trouble" on the mobile app the wording is incorrect and says "x is trouble" (at least for the iOS app) and I don't believe a correction has been made yet for this issue although I feel that I reported it somewhere before last year, but maybe this will be a better place to report the issue.

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Re: "x is trouble" alert in Mobile App (Typo/Wording)

Dear Omar,

 We acknowledge that there is a disparity in the alert messaging in email and in mobile app. We are working on the fix. Thanks for notifying it to us. We'll also check why your support request didn't get flagged to the development team.  


PM, Site24x7. 

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