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Windows Service Restart

Hello all,

 I am looking for a way to run a custom action when a down action is detected on a windows service. I would like 24x7 to automatically restart a service when it sees that it is down. Is this possible to do?

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Re: Windows Service Restart


Thanks for your request. We are working on this feature, and have shared screenshots of the feature as it would appear in the web client. Please post in your comments to help us improve further.

For Windows service automation, a user can add an action, with Action Type as Start Service that can be further be associated to monitors.


Once the action is added, it should be associated with the service's process threshold.


If the above service's process threshold fails, then it will trigger the associated actions.


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Re: Re: Windows Service Restart

Is there a timeline for it? I know you most likely dont have a date but are we talking 1month, 6 months or a year?

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Re: Re: Re: Windows Service Restart


The feature is currently under testing. We will try to release it at the earliest and update this thread once done.



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Re: Re: Re: Re: Windows Service Restart

Great, we need this feature too!

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Windows Service Restart


We are happy to announce the support for automating the restart of a Windows service. This is one of the automation tools we have released.

Check out our Community Announcement about our IT Automation Tools.


Related Documentation:


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Re: Windows Service Restart

I'm actually trialling the product at the moment from an MSP perspective to replace AVG Managed Workplace and this is one of the key features we need..

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