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Is it possible to reduce the size of this log file (Wincommunicator.log) or change the Max. size?
I have an installation on a 2022 server and the size of this log file was >4GB.

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Greetings Rémon!

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We identified an issue in Wincommunication log rotation in older versions of server monitoring agents which has been promptly fixed. Please check if your agent is in the latest version which is 20.6.5.

If it is 20.6.5, you can delete the large log file, and this issue will not occur again. However, if your agent version is older than 20.6.5, please try to upgrade it from Site24x7. You can find the detailed instructions to upgrade the server monitoring agent to latest version here.

Have a lovely day ahead and happy monitoring!
Team Site24x7
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Thank you for your answer
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