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What's new in APM Insight


At Site24x7, we make it a priority to ensure that your monitoring process is smooth and hassle-free. In this context, we are excited to introduce two new features in APM Insight:

  • Alerts for APM Insight
  • Thread profiling

APM Insight Alerts:

A few weeks back, we introduced APM Insight Performance Reports since we felt that reports were not only confined to the IT community but also the DevOps. In the same note, we now bring in APM Insight alerts too.

With this feature, you will be notified whenever your application monitor goes into a 'Troubled' state. You need not keep a vigilant eye on your monitors all the time. Simply configure threshold values  for average response time, error count and exceptional count for your application monitors and you will be alerted whenever your monitor exceeds the threshold limit. You can receive alerts via SMS and email.

Thread profiling:

Another feature that we rolled out of late is thread profiling. You can now view the time-consuming threads that cause slowness in your application. The most time-consuming threads are listed along with the methods invoked, CPU time, and memory allocation details. By default, APM insight schedules thread profiling twice a day for a duration of 5 minutes. You can also initiate On-Demand thread profiling for a time duration ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

In addition, the methods consuming more time, from these profiled threads, are auto instrumented ie., they are tracked for their performance whenever accessed by the application. This ensures granular level visibility in your code stack.

So what are you waiting for? Try out our new features and stay alerted. In case of any questions or clarification, contact our technical support. Kindly feel free to voice out your feedback .


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