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[Announcement] Introducing APM Insight Performance Reports

We, at Site24x7, are happy to introduce performance reports for application monitoring. Early stages of APM Insight was completely DevOps focused and our existing customers did not have the luxury of comparing top level metrics historically, unlike the rest of Server and Website monitoring in Site24x7.


With the evolving complexity of cloud applications and customer centric application development, we decided historical reports were not just for IT, but also for the DevOps community. On that note, we bring APM Insight Performance Reports to simplify your monitoring needs.


So, how does APM Insight Performance report help me?


For instance, let's say there has been an increase in sign ups for your product for the past two months. You see a lot of conversions happening and your product is making revenue. But how can you be sure that the increase in the number of users has not affected your application's performance -  By assessing your application's performance over that particular period of time.


This is where APM Insight Performance reports come handy. You can observe your product behavior for the past two months to check for an anomaly in your application. An increase in your application's throughput indicates an increase in your user base. On the other hand, an increase in average response time of your application for the same time period is a red flag on your application's performance. It signals that your application is not performing as per your expectations. In this scenario, increase in average response time may be contributed by various factors, namely, increased server load or increased database response time. In such cases, you can take proactive actions even before your users are impacted.


Graph showing Apdex Score of application for a specific time period


With APM Insight Performance reports, you can view your application's performance over a wide range of time - from last 24 hours to over a period of a year. To spice things up, we have reduced the hassle of reporting in every possible way: 


Make your reports easily accessible without the need to login - Simply publish your reports and share the URL.


Schedule your reports to avoid the rote job of inspecting and mailing them on a daily basis. You can schedule performance reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


You can also export your reports in PDF or CSV formats for future reference. Want to email your reports? Just send them with a single click to the concerned person.


Note: You can also compare your reports between two specific dates. While Performance reports gives you an overview of your application's performance for a duration of time, say for past week or past 3 months, compare reports helps you to assess your application's performance between two specific dates. 


For more information regarding the configuration of APM Insight Performance reports, kindly refer our help documentation.

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