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vcenter polling and stats collecting

I managed to add my vcenter monitor. I am also using a poller. The vcenter recognizes the hosts, clusters, etc. but does not automatically discover the VMs. I was under the impression that once I entered in the vcenter monitor, it would automatically map out all of my devices and will pull stats directly from vcenter? It also does not show my any stats for the hosts it discovered. All I see is the availability percentage for vcenter. Why isn?t it discovering and polling the individual hosts and VMs?

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Re: vcenter polling and stats collecting

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Adding a VCenter monitor will only discover, and auto-add the hosts. The auto-added host (ESX / ESXi) monitors by default take the VCenter credentials for their polling.
Please edit the monitor and enter the correct credentials for polling.
Once, host monitors start polling all the VMs under the host will be automatically added for monitoring.
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Re: Re: vcenter polling and stats collecting


You can now monitor all your VMware resources like ESXi hosts, VMs, datastores, and resource pools using vCenter credentials. Refer to this post for more.


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