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Monitor all your VMware resources in one go

You can now monitor your VMware resources like ESX/ESXi hosts, virtual machines (VMs), datastores, and resource pools using vCenter credentials. This means you can add all your associated child resources for monitoring by providing a single credential.

Flexible polling options

Site24x7 gives you the flexibility to choose how your resources are polled. You can either use your vCenter credentials, or poll using VMware ESX/ESXi host credentials to monitor the associated resources. Learn more about VMware polling.

Configuring to poll using vCenter credentials

You can choose to poll using vCenter credentials while adding your ESX/ESXi host for monitoring. Under VMware User Credentials > Poll using, choose VMware vCenter.

Under VMware Center,

Associated vCenter Monitor: Choose an associated vCenter monitor from the drop-down menu, or add a new one by clicking +.

  • vCenter Name or IP Address: Specify the IP address or domain name of the vCenter.
  • Port: Specify the port number where the server is running.
  • VMware vCenter Credentials: Choose the appropriate credentials stored in the Site24x7 Credential Profile, or add new ones by specifying the Credential Name, Credential Type, Username, and Password.

Poll using vCenter credentials
Note: vCenter-based polling works from On-Premise Poller version 4.6.4.

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