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Trigger IT automation on a monitoring event



I am looking for leveraging the IT Automation feature for an auto remediation setup.

For that i am looking for the functionality of triggering IT automation automatically on a monitoring event(eg: when disk space utilization more than 90%, auto trigger a IT Automation to clean some log files from the server)



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Re: Trigger IT automation on a monitoring event

Hey there, 

   To leverage our IT Automation feature here's what I recommend you to do. Assuming you have your server agent running in the server that you want to automate and created a script that will cleanup log files from your server, 

1. Add an IT Automation of type server script. In the client navigate to Admin (left menu) > IT Automation > click add Automation button.

2. Give the path in which the script resides and save the automation by giving it a meaningful name. Leave the "Select Hosts for Server Script Execution" as $localhost so that you can apply this automation for any server.

3. Navigate to your server > edit the configuration of the server clicking on the hamburger icon > edit your server's threshold profile > In the Threshold Profile of your server, apply the automation for Disk Utilization Threshold and save it.

Henceforth, whenever the server's disk utilization threshold crosses 75% for 5 polls your automation will automatically be executed. You can apply as many automations as you want for a single attribute.

These steps apply to any attribute you configure for any type of monitor.

Hope this helps.


Product Manager, Site24x7 


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Re: Re: Trigger IT automation on a monitoring event

Thanks Jasper!!! It is really helpful. 

One more question in continuation to this is, How to add a automation for an event for website url monitoring?

eg: If the url's response time is high, then i have to restart the tomcat or apache service.


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Re: Re: Re: Trigger IT automation on a monitoring event


We are glad to announce the release of Schedule IT Automation. You can now schedule automations for a specific monitoring event. Please read our help documentation to set up a monitor.

For any questions, please post in the thread below.




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