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To add outage reason column in outage details

In outage details we can get monitor name,duration,start and end time details.In that additionally outage reason also available means will be useful to analyze outage reports for what we got down alert. In "edit comments" we can see the actual error what site24x7 getting but each outages we cannot check in that way.For that we need additional column for outage reason.

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Dear Uma, 

  Apologies for my the late reply. We'll check on the possibility of giving the reason. btw, For what time period do you analyze outages? Is it usually for the last 24 hours or current alarms or on a monthly basis?

Check the alarms tab for current outages where messages are given. 


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Hi Jasper,

Thanks for your response.Current feature is fine, if it is possible to add some more time period options, will be useful for our analyze.



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Dear Umamaheshwari,

Thank you for your patience. We are delighted to inform you that we have launched the feature for you to view the reasons and the latest comments on the outage by clicking the filter column icon by navigating to Home > Outages > Filter column icon.

You can use Share This option to export the reports as CSV, PDF, or via email notifications. Kindly check it out.

Read our help documentation to know more about Outages Report. Hope you find the feature helpful. Please feel free to leave your feedback as comments below the post.

Happy monitoring!

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