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Tip #37: Easily monitor your AJAX calls using real user monitoring (RUM)

In single-page applications (SPAs), most web transactions are UI driven, and every web page consists of multiple AJAX calls. For every state change, the web page is dynamically loaded with the help of asynchronous calls; the response time taken by the asynchronous calls impacts the overall response time of your SPA. This is why it's important to monitor the performance of AJAX calls.

With Site24x7 RUM, you can monitor the count, response time, throughput, and HTTP error codes of every AJAX call during a particular time. This helps you analyze the impact of AJAX calls and evaluate your overall application performance. 

Note: If you're using traditional web applications with a combination of AJAX calls, you can still monitor them with Site24x7 RUM. Here's how you can do it

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