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Tip #17: Analyze pageview consumption with Real User Monitoring

Want to gain insight into your Real User Monitoring (RUM) applications' pageviews consumption? You can analyze how many page views are consumed by your individual applications as well as their monthly usage. What's more, you also get an estimate of current month's projected pageview usage based on your applications' page view usage. This helps you forecast whether your pageview consumption will fall within your license limit or if you need to upgrade your plan. 

So, how do you get details about your each of your applications' pageview consumption?

Log in to your Site24x7 account, then go to RUM > RUM Dashboard > Pageviews Split-up.



 Update: The previous gif image has been replaced with the above current image for better clarity.

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We don't use this but it would be nice to have both of those screens as two individual images, it's hard to see what's going on in the gif.

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Thanks for your suggestion. The gif has been replaced with the above image.



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