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Tags for outages with reporting

Please add the ability to tag outages. Today there is only an option to mark outage as a maintanence and add comment. We are missing the ability to differentiate outages that were caused by application failures (bugs, deployment failures, ...) from outages caused by infrastructe failures (server failures, webserver missconfiguration, ...). Based on tags we would like to report uptime that include / exclude some of the outages types base on tags, for example the uptime without application failures. Thank you.

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Re: Tags for outages with reporting

There is a comments function if you go to the outages option within a monitor that allows you add a comment. The frustrating issue is that this is only visable if you go to the edit comment option or at the bottom of the summary screen, doesnt appear in reports. It would be nice if the report that showed the outage (eg availability report could show all comments associated with that outage) 

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Re: Re: Tags for outages with reporting

Hey there,

  We will add the comments in the reports and in outages as well. Thanks for your valuable feedback. 


Site24x7 PM 

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