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System Report / Graphical Map of Monitor Dependencies

In Reference to Ticket #933054

As an admin I would like to generate a system report of all monitor dependencies, and have a visual dependency map, similar to www.site24x7.com/help/apm/application-dependency-maps.html.

I don't want to go to each monitor to see the dependencies.

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Re: System Report / Graphical Map of Monitor Dependencies

Dear Parvez,

   My apologies for missing out on this. What monitors do you want dependencies for? If its fine with you, can you describe on what you want to map and on what basis do you want your monitors to be mapped?  

Automatic mapping is available for APM Insight applications and for network devices through application dependency and Layer 2 map respectively at the moment. On the other hand you can create your own dependency views through Business view and Infrastructure maps.

Business View

Our business view as we call it will give the same view as you see in dependency map in apm insight. To create a business view you have to create a monitor group and associate monitors to them. Once you have defined your monitor groups and subgroups you will be able to get a business view as in the below image.

Infrastructure Map

You can create your own infrastructure map by linking your monitoring resources. You'll be able to link between resources and also get live status updates, useful for NOC. To create an infrastructure map, navigate to Home > Dashboards > Infrastructure Map > Create new. You can then choose which monitors you want to create dependencies and link them.

Let us know if this is what your looking for.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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Re: Re: System Report / Graphical Map of Monitor Dependencies

Hi Jasper, 

The Infrastructure Map looks like what I want to do I ll give it a shot and see if it satisfies the business needs.

Essentially its to map dependencies of AWS discovered resources.  Another issue that I had faced, is that "There can only be one dependent monitor mapped to a particular group or resource."

I'll keep you posted.


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Re: Re: Re: System Report / Graphical Map of Monitor Dependencies

Dear Parvez, 

  Thanks for taking the time to reply back with more details. We will work on this. 

Regarding your issue that you faced related to dependency monitor mapping, what is the primary reason for this mapping?. Is it for suppressing alerts or for defining the dependency or any other purpose.


Product Manager, Site24x7


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